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The shorter stature meant someone who is more mature could play a role much younger than their actual age.Look at someone like Michale J Fox, who was still playing teenagers well into his 20s.My theory is that male beauty comes at a cost of stature.It is a form a genetic compensation, evolutionarily speaking. He told me when he came back that Ernie was stepping into the room next to us with a young dude. I have already posted my stroy about visiting him for lunch at his Santa Barbara home in 1985. I had him on a fight with who appeared to be his older partner. They could have just been doing coke in the stalls, though. I had a casual FB thing going with his understudy, who told me that said actor, who was either engaged or married (forgot which one) to a woman at the time, "entertained" guys in his dressing room. I was staying at a hotel in Culver City and my boyfriend went out for cigarettes or food. A male gay friend claimed to have walked in on an oral sex session between Jude Law and David Beckham around 13 years ago.Most of Hollywood's leading men are under 6' and by quite a bit.

Are you speaking of Christopher Lloyd as in "Back to the Future"?

Someone in DL posted about his sexual experience with Lloyd - when said poster was under-aged or looked very young.

It was obvious Lloyd liked them practically pre-pubescent.

And I have Clooney's gay love life on good authority as well.[40] Yes. He was married even back when I had the two lovebirds fly with me.

I think due to his soap acting career as "iconic strong family anchor" he would never come out.

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Again through a friend of someone who worked on the show, the "Popular" set was apparently a hotbed of lesbian drama.

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