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They do not, of course, have tables of contents, so in order to find a particular section it is necessary to make use of the metadata supplied by the libraries.

The Vatican's page-viewing site includes section listings and navigation options that make it possible to click directly through to a particular book of the Bible (in this case, Matthew).

The copy of the rubric guide held at Munich contains a manuscript annotation underneath the instructions for Matthew 21.

This addition, presumably made before the guide left the printing shop, identifies the Matthew 22 error and instructs the rubricator to fix it by squeezing a paragraph mark into the space between sentences and writing the chapter header in the margin. 16, for a photograph and translation of this annotation.) The other surviving copy of the rubric guide (held at Vienna) does not include this annotation.

Plenty of copies of the Gutenberg Bible include the full 28 chapter headings, however, and as Needham points out, this is thanks more to the printers than to the rubricators.

This process was accomplished using a screw press, possibly adapted from wine presses.” “Gutenberg’s innovations enabled books to be duplicated quickly and inexpensively, producing a rapid surge in literacy as printing technology proliferated throughout Europe.

Even though new technologies have now long superseded those used by Gutenberg, his Bible remains a “gold standard” for beauty in book design and production.” For more on Graphic design, from the Medieval Europe through to the present day order a copy of Graphic here.

Although the Bodleian and Vatican Libraries are primarily digitizing works that they do not hold in common, the cases of overlap between their selections offer a unique opportunity to compare edition-specific or copy-specific features. IV.16-17 at the Vatican), to explore what a particular printing error tells us about each copy's history.

Once more incunabula have been digitized, we will be highlighting instances of overlap, such as our several editions and copies of Ars moriendi, a very popular medieval text that was printed in several editions during the 15th century. Some differences between the Bodleian's and Vatican's copies of the Gutenberg Bible are obvious.

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