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The driver flashed his lights and she went into a side street to meet him. For 0 (£62) he could have enjoyed the privacy of Ms Brown's hotel room. As a result, Grant's frequent application of the brake pedal, she claims, attracted the attention of the police.

She did not recognise the man behind the wheel; a blue LA Dodgers baseball cap was pulled down over his eyes; he said his name was "Lewis". She says that when the officers eventually tapped on the window, she could hear them "laughing ...

On Friday nights, like the one when she encountered Grant, she could expect to make ,000 (£1,000).

Ms Brown had flown in to Los Angeles earlier in the day from her home in Oakland, where a babysitter was looking after her girls. "I got my hair done, I had a facial and a pedicure and bought a pair of hot shoes."Her nickname on the Strip was "Little Red Riding Hood".

we were in the driver's seat and he was pushing on the brakes.

"I had no idea the lights were coming back on and off.

Soon, Grant's white BMW began cruising the district. This rather ill-advised cost-cutting measure by the millionaire star was to cost him more dearly than he could ever guess. Most prostitutes regard kissing as intimate; it is for lovers, not clients. Unfortunately, the ignition was still switched on when Ms Brown, so to speak, got down to business.

Divine was 25 when she appeared in that Versace dress. Her hair is styled, her fingernails manicured and her eyebrows plucked in a perfect arch.

She calls her liaison with Grant a "blessing", adding, mischievously: "What happened that night made him 'famous' in the States, and made me famous overseas." Indeed her five minutes of (in)famy - or should that be 30 minutes - she says, made her a millionairess.

The prostitute in question was Divine Brown and the foot belonged to Hugh Grant. Tens of thousands of words have been written about what happened that night 12 years ago, but, until now, Ms Brown has never spoken about the almost farcical scene that preceded their arrest for lewd behaviour.

The revelation emerges in an interview with Ms Brown to be broadcast on ITV1 tonight.

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In fact, she says she is engaged to a man who runs his own record label. She was one of six children raised by a single mother in one of the poorest districts of Oakland.

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