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The couple also live with Bobbi’s 19-year-old son, Joey.Rita and Bobbi greet me together at the front door; Rita is small and slight with short, curly dark hair, her face make-up-free, while Bobbi is blonde and carefully groomed, with thick rows of false eyelashes and bright-red fingernails.

“When you grow up being told, 'Don’t ask questions,’ you really learn not to,” Rita says with a shrug.At the time, Rita assumed that it was entirely normal.Looking back, she says, it was one of many clues as to her father’s true identity.Although these days her accent is pure “Noo Joisey”, Rita was born across the Hudson River and for the first year and a half of her life lived with her parents, Vincent and Olympia, her four older siblings, her grandmother and two German shepherd dogs in a cramped four-room apartment in the West Village.When her father moved them out to New Jersey, the explanation given was that he wanted more space and a better quality of life for his family.

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“I didn’t understand what I had just seen, or the implications of it, but I know that it traumatised me and shook me to my core,” says Rita today.

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