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is a remarkable archaeological site called Göbekli Tepe in Turkey dated to 11,600 years ago.He contends Göbekli Tepe is too advanced to have been built by hunter-gatherers alone, and must therefore have been constructed with the help of people from a more advanced civilization.The fill is refuse containing sediment, hundreds of thousands of broken animal bones, flint tools for carving the structures within the site and for hunting game, and the remains of cereals and other plant material, and even a few human bones.There is no evidence that the site was ever used as a residence, and the megaliths found there (Schmidt called them “monumental religious architecture”) along with carvings and totems, imply ritual and feasting.Arctic sea ice extent is up 40% from this date five years ago.2012 2017 Greenland’s surface gained ten times as much ice as it did five years ago, and was the fifth highest on record., Page 15 – Harrisburg Sunday Courier NASA responded quite predictably to the inconvenient 1930’s warmth in the Eastern Arctic – by simply trying to erase it. GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis It is also a big change from 65 years ago, when the glaciers of Norway and Alaska had lost half their mass, and threatened to drown seaports.

He also claims that the Mayan calendar portended world cataclysms in 2012.Not only is clay pottery absent, the site contans no evidence of any metal or metal workings.The obvious reason for this is that clay pottery and metals are typical of more advanced cultures.Oliver Dietrich, a colleague of Klaus Schmidt at the German Archaeological Institute, poignantly expressed the impact of these discoveries: “These people must have had a highly complicated mythology, including a capacity for abstraction.Following these ideas, we now have more evidence that…social systems changed before, not as a result of, the shift to farming.” It also shows that hunter-gatherers were capable of more than we previously thought, and that the origins of religion may have to be pushed back by millennia.

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  2. Often emotionally unavailable people will say, "I'm just not good at having a relationship," or "I don't think I'm ready for marriage." Believe them! But don't fall into their trap: there is something terribly seductive about trying to be "the one" who turns them around. Especially when out in public with them, notice whether they treat others with kindness or contempt.