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The history section is focused particularly on the work of two most prominent investigators: Eberhard F. Clinical response to clopidogrel varies widely due to under-dosing, drug interactions and intrinsic interindividual differences resulting from genetic polymorphisms.All were accrued through open invitation and proved to fulfill the criteria established by Mexican Federal bylaws and regulations.Briefly, volunteers (20 male) had a median age of 26 years (range 18-54), their weight, height and body mass index were 65.2±8.45 kg, 166.1±6.39 cm and 23.6±2.18, respectively (mean±standard deviation); careful clinical examination ruled out present or past relevant diseases, vital signs were within normal as were laboratory results (complete blood cell count, basic clinical chemistry, hepatic enzymes, urine analysis, drugs of abuse and pregnancy test), electrocardiogram and chest X-rays.Clopidogrel is standard of care in most patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention and those experiencing acute coronary syndromes.However, it has been suggested that response to clopidogrel varies widely with nonresponse rates ranging from 4% to 30% at 24 h [3,4].Although recognized for more than 30 years, significant issues, namely the syndrome's etiology, inheritance, and epidemiology, remain unclear.The aim of the first part of this review is to summarize the previous 35 years of the research into, and to provide a brief historical account of, SPS. The second part summarizes the present understanding of the syndrome and outlines unresolved issues and the trends in which the future research is likely to continue.

Its clinical manifestation includes arterial thrombosis, pregnancy complications (fetal growth retardation and fetal loss), and less often venous thromboembolism.The purpose of the current investigation was to study the effect of selection of volunteers homozygous for the CYP2C19*1 haplotype on the bioavailability of clopidogrel.A regular 2×2 bioequivalence study between two formulations of clopidogrel was performed in volunteers selected and unselected for relevant CYP2C19 haplotypes for the Mexican population.The total run time was 3.5 min and the retention times were 1.897±0.02 and 1.450±0.03 min for clopidogrel and ticlopidine (internal standard, IS), respectively.Chromatography and tandem spectrometry were performed in a Waters Quattro Premier XE153.77 for clopidogrel and IS, respectively.

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