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The rental price for short stays (from 2 to 4 days) is calculated on the basis of the weekly price (6/7 days), divided by 5 then multiplied by the number of days of rental.A deposit must be paid on reservation and this will be 30% of the total amount of the rental.

The product must be returned to the place from which it was taken. RENTAL PRICE The rental price is determined by the range of equipment chosen by the client, by the period chosen and by the date of reservation.

Au pied du Mont Blanc, à 1164 m d'altitude, le village des Contamines-Montjoie vous offre la neige à l'état pur.

Ski alpin, snow, ski de fond, biathlon, saut nordique, raquettes, sont proposés aux Contamines-Montjoie.

Hey all, I tried a search but didn't find the exact answer to my question. Get cash back at the border minus commission - instant. When we passed the border the office was closed as usual . Nothing was said about going back to the shop for the money. The reason being that they got into trouble in the past deducting VAT as people said they lived in Switzerland...

I bought some goods in France and took the Detax certificate (with barcode) from the shop, which I then scanned (electronic stamp) at the French customs at the border. Hey all, I tried a search but didn't find the exact answer to my question. when in fact they lived in France- so records didn't tally with the FRench GVT, who were not happy. Things have changed in the last year- shops in nearby France (Pontarlier I imagine for OP) insist that you pay the VAT, get the form validated at the border and go back to the shop for the refund with the stamped form.

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