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Mother Wore Tights (1947) Quad Betty Grable * Dan Dailey * Mona Freeman * Connie Marshall * Vanessa Brown * Robert Arthur * Sara Allgood * William Frawley According to the poster, mother wore a lot of kitty's...yes, I think there is a joke in there Mrs Slocombe would be proud of, but I can't be bothered.

” And for the first time all season, Peggy landed one of her stupid “I’ve lived her 50 years and don’t speak the language” type deadpan jokes. It’s all about you and if you have the luxury of someone being around during that time they tip toe around you and go play golf a lot, or take up Sparta marathons waiting on it to pass. Peggy seems hell bent on getting the store that one of her daughters works at on the show. She says she walked up to her boyfriend and pointed to her boobs and said, “I want to take the 600s down to 400s.” Jeana says Kelly didn’t realize she is not dating a plastic surgeon anymore, she’s dating a realtor. But Kelly, I know you read here, 400 is still way to much and in a few years you will want to go down more. Lydia was apparently invited to the counter party for Eddie, but he kid had a birthday at the same time or something? She must know the owners and the girl likely doesn’t even work there. Vicki asks Kelly if she is sure she wants a breast reduction. If I was not terrified of surgery and rich, I’d have a breast reduction and and a tummy tuck all at once. Meghan says she is not mean and she is not trying to stir shit up. Vicki calls Tamra ask if she wants to meet up for coffee. Lizzie does pipe up with you were Tamra’s best friend, why tell us now, and he says because it is the truth. We have seen signs this season of Tamra saying that her kid hates her because she married Eddie. Production knows full wlle the first half of the season sucks so they bombard us with tantalizing episodes to come.

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  1. For a few years, online dating seemed like the bastion of the geeky and desperate, but the stigma passed. couples who formed relationships between 20, 22 percent of them met online, one academic study found.