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But it was also Asia, culturally alien for some Westerners.

And as grown-ups that’s what both of them became, masters of real life Monopoly—buying big properties and savoring the perks that came with rolling the dice.

Kissel with the golden touch that they tapped him to be their building’s treasurer.

He could break into their mutual piggy bank—with no questions asked. At the end of that little bit of accounting, what did you think was going on?

You might think that explosive discovery would land treasurer Kissel in a New York City jail. Somehow, from somewhere, he came up with the cash and paid back those missing millions. But instead of contemplating his misdeeds, in 2003, Andrew Kissel was dreaming up more schemes and playing more dirty monopoly with other people’s money. Half way around the world in Hong Kong, his younger brother was worrying about a killer pandemic and his family’s safety.

Sadly, it seems Rob Kissel was sweating over the wrong assassin.

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