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Opposed to this policy and eager to gain a foot-hold in the gold-rich northern territory and the diamond mines of the Orange Free State, the British expanded their garrison northward toward the Transvaal where continuing tensions with the Boer settlers ultimately led to the Boer Wars between 18.

The Union of South Africa The British emerged the victors in May 1902, which gave them control of the former Boer provinces of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State.

The third article highlights the experience some international central banks have had with unconventional monetary policies.

The final article describes monetary policy frameworks in 10 advanced economies.

The five articles in this issue present research and analysis by Bank staff covering a variety of topics: the growth of Canadian-dollar-denominated assets in official foreign reserves; the emergence of platform-based digital currencies; methods of forecasting the real price of oil; measures of uncertainty in monetary policy; and the recent performance of the labour market in Canada and the United States.

The three articles in this issue provide an overview of the monetary policy decision-making process at the Bank of Canada, a discussion of Bank research on the assessment of vulnerabilities in the financial system and a description of recent fragmentation in Canadian equity markets.

Is shale oil production in the United States a factor in the 2014 oil price decline?

The Boers declared these areas the South African Republic and refused to grant political rights there to "foreigners," including native Africans, the British, and all others not of Dutch origin.

In the final article, improvements to the management of Canada’s foreign exchange reserves are introduced.

In this issue, Bank researchers discuss inflation dynamics and global trade following the 2007–09 financial crisis.

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Early European Settlement European settlement in the area that today is South Africa began in 1652, with the Dutch occupation of Table Bay, now Cape Town, South Africa's parliamentary capital.

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