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Douglas explained his circumstances and immediately offered his services; Douglas was set to share in Bruce's early misfortunes, being present at the defeats at Methven and Battle of Dalrigh.But for both men these setbacks were to provide a valuable lesson in tactics: limitations in both resources and equipment meant that the Scots would always be at a disadvantage in conventional medieval warfare.

Two years before, the Macdougalls had intercepted and mauled the royal army at the Battle of Dalrigh.He also showed himself to be utterly ruthless, particularly in his relentless attacks on the English garrison in his own Douglas Castle, the most famous of which quickly passed into popular history.Barbour dates this incident to Palm Sunday 1307, which fell on 19 March.Gathering local support he entered the church and the war-cry 'Douglas! The prisoners were taken to the castle, now largely empty.All the stores were piled together in the cellar; the wine casks burst open and the wood used for fuel.

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