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“The Internet doesn’t spread things apart — it pushes them together,” Richard Florida, the urban studies theorist, told me.

“You’re seeing more of these winner-take-all effects.” Let’s start by thinking of the pre-web news business.

And that has real impacts on the kind of news we get.

And because the cost of living was so much lower in Mexico, he could pay them crazy low wages — like half the American going rate.

I don’t believe his little experiment in journalism arbitrage ever went anywhere, but it fit into a sort of thinking common in certain circles in earlier days of the web: The power of the Internet was to eliminate barriers to entry, and geography was going to be one of the first to go.

It’ll increasingly be up to non-market forces — nonprofits and public media — to fill the local voids.

You see this pattern over and over again in digital news: What was once pitched as opening up a space has led instead to greater concentration of power in the hands of a few.

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