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And Miranda knew that, as unbelievably perfect as he was, Robert was reaping the benefits of the absence of the walls that Steve helped break down. (“Whenever something funny happens, I always want to tell you about it.”) But the only thing better than Miranda finally knowing what she wanted and falling apart over it (“I’m in love with Steve. (“I mean…come on.”) My favorite Miranda and Steve moment isn’t a grand declaration or a kiss in the rain or even their perfectly “them” wedding in one of the city’s community gardens.

I mean…even though they were technically apart when she had him, she called their son Brady so that he’d carry both of their names. But bless her heart, I think she held out for a while after that to prove that their non-traditional little family could work. It was in the season 2 episode “Ex and the City,” when Steve comes to Miranda’s apartment after she evades him on the street.

) It’s been ten years since I bought that top and I’ve lived in New York City for most of them. Each of the girls has been maligned by a portion of the TV-watching population that has conveniently forgotten how groundbreaking this series was.

And I’ve come to understand, embrace, and proudly proclaim that I am a Carrie. But Miranda (and Carrie, to be sure) bears the full brunt of it.

Miranda doesn’t expect magic out of her life and knows that anything worth getting is worth working for. Even when she’s talking about when speaking isn’t at all necessary. (“He was looking into my eyes, I was looking for the remote.”) I’ve been told that my life might be easier if I kept my opinion to myself more often or let little daily injustices slide off my back. Miranda Hobbes may have her share of issues, but money isn’t one of them.

How about those fabulous outfits that Carrie never could have afforded on her writer’s salary in a million years?

And all the amazing quotes that Samantha dryly delivered?

When she’s ready and fully able to purchase her first apartment, Miranda has to deal with an inordinate amount of inane questions.

The realtor wants to know why a single woman would need all that space.

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(“Sex is not a time to chat.”) I can wax poetic on my fictional OTPs all day long, but throw some actual romance my way and . But as far we Mirandas are concerned, there is no life more difficult than one wherein we have to keep our mouths shut. So long as it doesn’t rule your life, there’s nothing wrong with being a little dissatisfied. Here are 10 reasons why Miranda Hobbes should be your guiding light. She’s Harvard-educated, hardworking (a little too much so, actually), and eventually becomes a partner in her firm.

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