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The Single Gourmet really means pleasure without pressure.

When asked what solution she offers, her no-nonsense approach surfaces: “I tell my readers and clients that safe sex is being safe physically, emotionally and mentally, so, if you can’t handle unemotional sex don’t have casual sex.

This isn’t Sex and the City and you’re not Samantha”, she jokes.

As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, there is a sense among singles that it’s time to find that special someone and park yourself for the chillier months.

Who will you have on your arm when you show up to Thanksgiving dinner this year?

This dating world is one that Suzie has observed and engaged with for years, so despite this seemingly unpromising description, she clarifies that “Ottawa has a great single community with quality partners”.

Even though she admits Ottawans have a tendency to be “non-committal”, she remains optimistic: “There is hope, however, you get what you put in and you just have to keep trying and you will get there.” This awareness of her audience has allowed Suzie to pick up on particular trends in terms of what kinds of advice people often seek out.

Enter Suzie and her award winning blog, Single Dating Diva, “dedicated to single & dating people everywhere”.

This has an impact on Ottawa’s dating scene as people are able to hold down steady careers and can live independently.

“This has led to people being more passive in their dating lives”, Suzie explains, “It’s rare that people will approach someone they’re interested in when they’re out, and there is a strong reliance on the online dating world”.

By combining knowledge derived from her academic background in Interpersonal Communications and Human Interaction (B. A) with her own adventures in dating, Suzie provides valuable insight and real, honest, relatable advice.

With her lessons and practices grounded firmly in her dating golden rule, “be happily single! ) , Suzie sheds light on popular topics ranging from common modern dating dilemmas to online dating fraud, “textationships” (never getting beyond the texting/instant messaging phase), dealing with the baggage that comes from unresolved feelings towards exes, and first date conversation starters.

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And there's no pressure, only the pleasure of good company, good food and easy conversation. On arriving at an event you'll be personally welcomed and introduced to other guests during the cocktail hour.

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