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E 193 Eeport on the practicability of establishing " A Close Time " for the pro- tection of indigenous Animals. Dresser (Eeporter) 197 Eeport of the Committee on Earthquakes in Scotland.

Robert Sta'well Ball's exhibition and description of a Model of a Conoidal Cubic Surface called the " Cylindroid," which is presented in the Theory of the Geometrical Freedom of a Rigid Body 8 Professor Catley on the Number of Covariants of a Binaiy Quantic 9 Mr.


* Ixxiv General Statement of Sums paid on account of Grants for Scientific Purposes Ixxvi Arrangement of the General Meetings Ixxxiii Address by the President, Sir "William Thomson, Knt., LL.

Ill Page Eeport on the Heat generated m the Blood during the process of Arteria- lization.

S., Professor of Geology in King's College, London 116 CONTENTS.

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  1. My work in this area has already delivered great benefit to the Island from obtaining UK and EU Code Group endorsement of our Zero-Ten regime to delivering school exchange opportunities with China.

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  3. Incalca Legea Sportului In legile enumerate in Hotararea CL nr. 69/2000 (Legea educatiei fizice si sportului) si nici Legea nr. Sunt tocmai legile pe care consilierii locali au incalcat-o prin hotararea votata in 30 iulie. La articolul 79 din aceasta lege, se arata ca "(1) Schimbarea destinatiei sau desfiintarea unor baze sportive apartinand domeniului public ori privat al statului sau al unitatilor administrativ-teritoriale se va putea face numai prin hotarare a Guvernului si cu construirea prealabila a altor baze sportive similare celor desfiintate. (1) se aplica si societatilor comerciale care detin active patrimoniale destinate activitatii sportive ce au apartinut statului".