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“Survivors of childhood cancer, particularly those who experienced prolonged suppression of their immune system during cancer treatment, are at increased risk for developing HPV-related cancers, and thus stand to gain particular benefit from initiating and completing the vaccine series,” said Landier, a researcher at the Institute for Cancer Outcomes and Survivorship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s school of medicine.

In potentially related news, actor Avi Nash has been cast on the show and while his role hasn't been confirmed, comic book fans have linked him to the part of Siddiq, a member of the Oceanside community who first appears in issue 127.

Up until now, survival has been the focus of Rick and our group, but it's not enough.

They have to fight to take back their freedom so that they can live.

obsessive – has hinted that she might be joining the show as a new character next year."I have a friend who's a producer on it and I've asked them to write me a part, which apparently they are for next season," she revealed in October.

The series is also casting two new male characters to join the Alexandrian side of the "all-out war" yet to come.

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For 49 days gruelling days, the Survivors have battled it out to build their resumes and earn their spot in the final four.

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