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Since they are so easy to care for, they make excellent gifts.They prefer bright filtered sunlight and can be kept indoors or outdoors. Tillandsia plants have been a hot seller year round since they do so good in varying temperatures.Carl LINNAEUS established the genus in 1738 and named it in honour of the Finnish botanist, Elias TILLANDZ.Elias TILLANDZ was named thus due to the fact that he was so seasick on a sea voyage from Turku to Stockholm he would have rather travelled by foot. So, LINNE honoured his colleague, by naming this genus Their occurrence ranges from the southern United States to the southern tip of South America.Precipitation or fog fill the trichomes with moisture and this is directed to the inside of the plant.The (rainforest-tillandsia) usually grow terrestrially in the shade in moist locations.

The utmost care and attention is given to your order to ensure that it is as similar as possible to the requested item. Occasionally, specific varieties of flowers or colors of a certain variety may be out of stock or not available.They are found mostly epiphytic growing on trees, cacti and rocks as well as on roofs and telephone wires.In many of these mentioned cases terrestrial deposits have been found.In the event that the pictured items are not available, we will substitute with other items that are the same or greater in value.We will never reduce the total value of your selected item.

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