Updating a ceiling fan

Addie wanted to be totally involved and since I let her even pick the color of her paint, I laid them out on newspaper and let Addie go to town painting them pink!I wanted a deeper pink but she totally loved the lighter, Sweetest Pink from the Disney Paint line.The Speck-tacular finish is white going on and then dries clear with the sparkles shinning through.That made it very easy for Addie to make sure she didn’t miss an area so it could all sparkle!I made a mental note that I need to take down the blades of all the other fans for a good thorough cleaning.

Well, in the process of updating John’s room we all agreed that there was no way we could keep this lantern – or any other hanging light fixture for that matter. Now, when I clicked on the link I had a little bit of “wait, I paid HOW MUCH for that fan?I was shocked that the only one I really liked was !Even the cheaper light kits were and they were not cute.With purchasing the new globe and a package of light-bulbs for the fan we were out a total of .62 for this project since we used paint that we had purchased for another project!I love that we not only updated her look but we also were able to re-use what we already had on hand!

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