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This processing method is available in Split PDF files at pages where text within a user-specified area on the page changes.Example: input PDF document of 11 pages has 3 separate invoices, the goal is to split each invoice into a separate file.Pages should contain no PDF elements in order to be recognized as blank ones.You can even split at blank pages that are scanned images (in this case page should contain only a single image of the scanned blank page).By using this splitting method it is possible to create 3 different output documents grouping sub-documents based on a stamp.First document will contain all documents stamped with “Approved”, second with “Rejected” and a third one with “For Review” stamp.

Blank pages will not be included in the output documents.The document is then split into multiple files at the locations of those pages.Pages that contain matching text become first pages in the corresponding output documents.Auto Split™ plug-in can automatically create folders on a disk to mirror hierarchical structure of bookmark trees.All output documents are instantly organized saving you many hours of work.

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Reports, invoices, billing statements can be efficiently processed with this splitting method.

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